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5 Tips To Accessorize Hijab with Jewelry

5 Tips To Accessorize Hijab with Jewelry
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If you are a hijabi and want to know how to accessorize your hijab with jewelry, this post is for you. We have many suggestions for what jewelry to wear with a hijab to enhance your hijab style.

By adding a sparkle of jewelry to your veil, you can alter your personality slightly. You can wear jewelry with Hijab for a stylish look at a party, a get-together, or a wedding ceremony.

You can easily shop for various hijab accessories at Muslimlane to style up your hijab. The more one-of-a-kind accessories you purchase, the more beauty you can add to your Hijab. Colorful or printed hijabs can be styled in a variety of ways.

You may believe that your accessorizing options are limited to necklaces and rings, but there are so many more!

If you're wearing a simple outfit or even a scarf, it's nice to dress it up a little by adding an extra piece of bling.

And even if you don't wear a hijab, most of these ideas can be adapted as hair accessories to complement your outfit! So let's get this party started:


Hijabs With Headbands

hijab with headbands

One of the simplest ways to add a sense of style to your hijab is to wear a headband. And there are so many different kinds of headbands to choose from!

I would suggest something floral for spring. If you're going somewhere fancy, you can go for a jeweled one.

If you want something simple, I recommend bows, which are always in style! Simply place your headband on top of your hijab or hair and you are good to go.

Alternatively, if you want to conceal it, place the headband on your head and wrap the fabric around the band portion of it, revealing only the decorative part.

It depends on the style of hijab you do and on the type of headband you’re wearing, but play around with it.

What I love about headbands is that they’re a simple and easy way to accessorize your hijab or hair. They appear adorable and effortlessly chic.


Hijabs With Teekas

hijab with teekas

Teekas are South Asian hair jewels that are commonly worn by brides. But they've made their way into the Western market and can now be found almost anywhere!

Teekas are another adorable way to accessorize your hair or hijab.

You can wear them pretty much anywhere, depending on how fancy they are.

Teekas can be worn when you are going out for a dinner or even at a wedding. It all depends on whether you dress them up or down!

Teekas are almost ready to wear because of the hooks that come with them.

All you need are some safety pins to secure them to your hijab and then some experimenting as you try to conceal all the pins.


Hijabs With Matha Patti Necklace or Chains:

hijab with maatha patti

Have an old, jeweled necklace that's too short to wear under the hijab? Make a headpiece out of it!

It's a quick and easy way to spruce up everyday hijabs and outfits. These jeweled headpieces are known as maatha pattis in South Asian culture, and they're very similar to teekas, except they have a chain on either side of the main piece, giving it the appearance of a necklace.

Matha Pattis go well with South Asian clothing, but they can also be made with a less fancy neck.

My favorite way to wear a necklace/maatha Patti is in the tiara form. It makes me feel like a princess and so you can also try it once.


Hijabs With Earrings:

Hijabs With Earrings:

Why wear long earrings when wearing a hijab, you may wonder? That's because you can pull off any costume and any hijab style with ease.

They add glam and make you appear to be a woman of high elegance.

Wearing a headband or underscarf beneath the hijab is the best way to show off your earrings.

The headband will assist you in pulling your hijab further back, allowing you to proudly show off your earrings dangling from your earlobes.

Don't you think it's a great way to keep your ears covered while also showing off your earrings to the world?

The beauty of an earring is to show it off and flaunt it rather than conceal it. If you have beautiful earrings that might get hidden or camouflaged under your hijab, try hooking them into the scarf.

Also, If you don't have any ear piercings, this tip will come in handy.


Hijab Pins:

hijab pins

Last but not least, hijab pins are yet another way to add some glamour!

They are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

They're a simple, yet elegant way to add personality to your hijab without going overboard.


Final Words:

That's all there is to it, ladies! Accessorizing your hijab or hair is extremely simple and cost-effective. You may not be able to wear necklaces or earrings depending on your hijab style, so accessorizing your hijab with women's jewelry is a great way to dress it up, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

But don't forget that modesty is essential! You don't want your accessories to be too bold and flashy and go overboard, as this would contradict the whole point of wearing a hijab.

Keep your accessories simple and classy and dress up your Hijab in the best way possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please reach us at, if you are seeking high-quality hijabs jewelry.