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10 Most Famous Muslim Fashion Designers.

10 Most Famous Muslim Fashion Designers.

Over the years Muslims have made notable and trend inspiring contributions in the world of fashion.

People world over are recognizing Muslim fashion thanks to the efforts of Muslim fashion designers.

These designers have come up with their own brands and created a space for Muslim fashion sense that has been widely appreciated by people from other cultures as well.

In Muslim fashion design these designers have to keep in mind the modesty of the Islamic culture and blend it with the modern day trends and they have been able to do that with aplomb.

Let's take a look at some of the world's most famous fashion designers.

1) Anas Silwood

Anas Silwood


British Muslim convert Anas Sillwood was one of the pioneers of Muslim Fashion Industry. In 2002 he launched Shukr, one of the first Islamic fashion e-commerce sites catering to the needs of Muslims in Europe.

Gradually he began to realize the potential of this relatively untapped market and his business went from strength to strength. Today, Shukr is a global Islamic fashion brand having offices in UK and Jordan.

2) Rabia Z

Rabia Z


Rabia Z. Zargarpur is a revolutionary and an inspiration when it comes to the Muslim Fashion industry.

The UAE-based fashion designer began her journey in 2001 when she was living in the US in aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. A lot of women at that time were taking off their hijabs as part of a 'movement', but Rabia resisted and persisted with her idea.

She wanted people to learn about Muslim fashion culture. This lead to her styling her own hijabs and clothing and after a positive response, she began her own clothing line.

 3) Dilyara Sadrieva



Dilyara Sadrieva, a Russian Muslim is a successful entreprenuer. She is the brains behind Bella Kareema fashion brand that is loved across the globe.

Living in Russia, she realized that most of the Islamic attire especially for women came from Turkey or the Middle East, not suited to the Russian climate. She was already making Islamic clothes for herself as a hobby and decided to start making clothes for others.

Mere two years later, Dilyara was selling hundreds of clothing items per year with her brand Bella Kareema and taking part in fashion shows in London, the UAE and Turkey. This success she pins down to combining culture and tradition with the need for a personal touch. Many customers who purchase from Bella Kareema are non-Muslim women looking for modest attires.

4) Kerim Ture

Kerim Toure


Kerim Ture is a Turkish Muslim fashion designer whose e-commerce platform Modanisa. He co-founded Modanisa in 2011 to provide ‘choice in style’ for Muslim women and to be the platform for Modest Fashion brands and designers.

Kerim's lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, getting to know different cultures and his desire to improve society by empowering women and entrepreneurs led to the creation of Modanisa.

Modanisa attracts 7M visitors per month and works with 300+ brands, designers and serves to 75 countries.

According to Thompson Reuters and DinarStandard’s 2015 Report, was the most popular Muslim fashion e-commerce site in the world.


5) Iman Aldebe

Iman Aldebe


A Swedish born fashion designer, Iman Aldebe challenged the existing norms of Muslim fashion and perceptions about Muslims with her unique Turban style hijab.

Aldebe came to limelight when she designed the first police uniform that included a hijab hat for the Swedish Police back in 2011.

She had a desire to bring out and transform the image of Muslim women in the world and today she uses fashion as a tool to eliminate prejudices against Muslims.

Her phenomenal fashion line flows from Paris to New York and brings out the uniqueness of Muslim Fashion for the world to see.

6) Dina Torkia

Dina Torkia


Egyptian fashion designer Dina Torkia began blogging almost 14 years ago, and was one of the first women in the UK to share tips on modest fashion and posting videos about fresh ways to wear a hijab.

In just under a decade she built a brand online on Youtube giving tips How to wear a stylish turban hijab tutorial' and other such posts.

She eventually initiated her unique Muslim Fashion clothing line, with the core culture of head scarfs being the focus.

Her designs include a ethnic touch to her unique collection with modest fashion.

7) Hana Tajima

 Hana Tajima


Born and raised in the UK Hana Tajima is a designer and visual artist.

Both her parents were artists and this gave Tajima a creative environment early in her life. Tajima began her career as a fashion designer, working as assistant with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Soon she started her own her blog which fast became a new and unique voice in fashion.

Tajima became known for her Hijabistas fashion. Her designs she says include the simplicity and the beauty of the Japanese culture, and blending it with the eccentric aspect that comes out of her experiences growing up in England.

Today, she is one of the famous fashion designers in UK and has collaborated with brands such as UNIQLO on a collection of womenswear and MoMA.

8) Jenahara Nasution



Indonesian lady Jenahara Nasution is a fashion designer as well as the founder of Indonesian Hijabers Community (IHC).

She began formulating ideas for creating a Muslim fashion brand in 2006 developing a concept plan. In 2011, she carved her own path in the world of fashion by launching her the own clothing brand Jenahara label .

Since then her brand is among the fastest growing in the market as of right now. Jenhara Label today is at the forefront in leading designs in contemporary modest wear in Indonesia.

Jenahara aims to deliver modest wear to empower women through design and style.

9) Neslihan Cevik



Neslihan Cevik, is the second Turkish name on the list and rightfully so. She is the founder of M-Line Fashion.

Through her Muslim fashion line she is keen on representing Muslim women as thoughtful and unique individuals.

Neslihan has focused on giving Muslim women a plethora of choices when it comes to dressing in a modest way while being appealing to fashionistas at the same time.

10) Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka

 Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka


Sisters Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka are fashion designers behind the Australian luxury clothing brand Integrity Boutique.

Established in 2009, the brand was started with an aim of provding elegant yet modern and trendy clothing. The two sisters opened a small store and began to gain recognition for the quality of their workmanship and eye for unique designs.

This led to rapid growth and a move Bankstown Central as Integrity Boutique became one of the longest running fashion boutiques in Australia.

One of their unique selling points is the luxury Evening wear brand, Atelier Couture, characterised by closely working with each client to develop a personalised couture experience.