Muslim Lane
Your one stop shop for Islamic Products.

Muslim Lane began in 2015 with the aim to serve people who would look for a wide range of Islamic products from clothing to books and other essentials at one place.

On this platform we have steadily built a large array of products for Muslim women, men as well as children.

We always strive to provide a refreshing online shopping experience to our customers .

We want you to feel as if you were going through an Islamic marketplace in real life with variety ranging from brooch pins to high quality abayas.

The emphasis is on delivering a quality experience to the customer from the moment they start enter the website, order their product and right until the package is delivered.

We believe in providing a holistic user experience to our customers so they are completely satisfied with what's on offer at Muslim Lane.

Our other products include a distinguished variety of categories. Abayas of different types, hijabs, jewellery, casual wear for men, prayer caps, kids hijabs, Islamic story books, toys, even oils and diapers.

Muslim Lane also has a very rich library of books you can choose from to enhance your Islamic knowledge.

Quran with color coded tajweed, Tafseer, biographies, Hadith books, Arabic learning books are only the tip of items on offer here.

What's even better that these products are available at reasonable prices and delivered through a robust mechanism.

Muslim Lane began as venture to cater to the needs people looking for Islamic products online.

Since then our growth and success is down to the love and appreciation shown by customers who have helped us to achieve our goals with Muslim Lane.

Our Team:

The Muslim Lane comprises of a dedicated team of individuals each assigned to different categories.

There are people handling the graphics and website operations which include backend and frontend.

Another group of people handles your orders and delivery process ensuring a smooth transition and best experience to the buyer.

There is also team dedicated to customer complaints and feedback which checks reviews so that we can always improve the Muslim Lane experience to you.