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50 Fractures, Brittle Bones And Steely Determination: Story Of Dr Fathima Asla.

50 Fractures, Brittle Bones And Steely Determination: Story Of Dr Fathima Asla.

Human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it and no one epitomizes the this saying more than Dr. Fathima Asla.

Fathima was born in Kozhikode, Kerala and just three days later she was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease.

The degenerative disease meant she was confined to one place at an early age.

Not to be daunted Fathima was determined to battle through this disease to pursue her dreams.

Her parents, though financially struggling, encouraged her to study and helped her become a doctor.

Brittle Beginnings 

The brittle bone disease causes bones to break very easily without any type of injury as such Fathima was unable to walk properly from an early age.

Her mother Ameena used to carry her to the Government School Punoor, Kozhikode.

She required frequent medical attention and surgeries just so she could stand up. Despite this, Asla secured 90 per cent in the Class 10th examination, further showing her grit. 

Fascinated with doctors who helped her since she was a kid, she aspired to be one herself. For this she chose Science after her Class 10th. Many tried to warn her citing pratical difficulties but Fathima was steadfast.

Fathima And Her Dreams

Fathima Asla

When she was in class 11, government sponsored a three wheeler for her on which she started going to school driving on her own.

But due to her medical condition regular fractures affected her studies. She was unable to attend school for at least for the next three months and started studying from home mostly which added to her difficulties.

Despite this she secured 85 per cent in Plus Two examination and got enlisted for an entrance crash course conducted by the school.

Impressing again she achieved a rank in the medical entrance but had to face a separate interview due to her condition.

The Rejection and Fightback.

Dr Fathima Asla

However, despite clearing the entrance Fathima was declared ‘unfit’ by the medical board to take up the course she dreamed of. This was not the first time she had been knocked down and this wasn't the first time she was going to fightback.

Bearing pain and all she decided to practice walking using crutches which was quite difficult for her to go through.

She got the support of Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobaker Musailar and Markaz for her treatment.

Next year she reappeared for the entrance again, qualifying and setting up an interview with the medical board earning her redemption.

By this point she undergone a surgery which helped her to use crutches better for walking and was duly selected.

Since then she completed her course as a homoeopathic doctor from Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) at NSS Homoeo Medical College, Kottayam, and was a house surgeon at ANSS Homoeo Medical College hospital.

She has been in a wheelchair for most of her life but that hasn't stopped Fathima from living her life to the fullest.

Dream Beyond Infinity

dr fathima asla marriage

Since she couldn't play like other children of her age, she began writing her thoughts and has penned down short stories and poems.

She also started a YouTube channel called ‘Dream Beyond Infinity’ where she gives motivational talks. She has got good response and appreciation for it.

In 2020, Fathima met Lakshadweep native and digital artist Firoz Nediyath through some common friends. Firoz’s mannerisms and personality charmed Fathima. Soon, they fell in love and they got married a year later.

On the wedding day, Firoz surprised Fathima by gifting her a fully automatic wheelchair. They’re hoping to take it on their ‘all-India trip’.

For Fathima the most important aspect is that Firoz doesn’t treats her with pity or sympathy. Rather, he sees her as an equal, someone who can dream and do things just like him.

He wants to enable and encourage to achieve more success. Going forward, Fathima aspires to become a motivational speaker, social worker and someone who makes a positive impact on lives of people.

Given her journey so far and the obstacles she has overcome nothing seems impossible for this specially-abled doctor.