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Why Muslim women wear Hijabs ?

Why Muslim women wear Hijabs ?
There may be some benefits of Hijab when it comes to aesthetics and utility, but above all its a commandment from Allah.

Hence wearing it is an act of faith and being obedient to Allah. It is mentioned in the Quran: "Tell the believing women to draw their outer garments around them".

There are also various Hadith highlighting the importance of Hijab and its necessity in a woman's life. With Hijab comes a sense of security to a women, protecting herself from the social evils that plague our society.

It builds her confidence knowing that she is well covered. One of the biggest attributes of Hijab, it gives a sense of identity to a Muslim woman. Islam gives women utmost respect and a high status in Islam.

Hijab gives a Muslim woman rights in the home as well as society. Hijab is more than a dress code, signifying something much deeper and important. It is a part of woman's religious duty and as such holds much value.

A hijab provides a Muslim woman with confidence, harmony and spiritual peace.