Check Out These Hijab Styles For Different Occasions and Outfits

Check Out These Hijab Styles For Different Occasions and Outfits

Hijab holds high importance for Muslim women, being an essential part of the religion it gives a unique identity to Muslims while protecting their modesty.

Unlike many garments, the hijab highlights a woman’s genuine beauty by hiding something usually considered gorgeous to look at- her hair.

Before we reveal how to wear different hijab styles for different occasions and outfits let us understand why women wear hijab.

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?

Hijab refers to the Islamic principle of modesty. Muslim women wear the hijab as a means of fulfilling the commandment of God to protect their modesty. Hijab has been highlighted as an obligation for Muslim women in various religious texts.

Hijab is worn differently in different cultures. While the definition of the headscarf is not correct when it comes to hijab, in some cultures both can mean the same thing.

Depending on various occasions there are different ways to wear Hijab and look beautiful and modest at the same time.

Here we take a look at hijab-wearing styles to go with different outfits.


Hijab Style For Gown:


Hijab style for a gown will make you look like a royal. A turban hijab style in the same color as your gown will go a long way in adding to your look. This along with  a fancy necklace wrapped around the crown of your head will make you stand out.


Hijab Style For Saree:


Hijab and saree maybe two highly contrasting outfits as such putting them together to look pleasing to the eye is a challenge.

A headscarf that matches closely with the saree so that it doesn’t create too much contrast and takes attention away from the saree’s beauty is a good way to go.

Tie it up in a simple side pinned hijab style and accessorize it with a fancy headdress to finish off the traditional look.


Arabic Hijab Style:


In Arabic hijab styles, women really amp up the aesthetics of the hijab.

They usually pile up their hair in high updos and wrap big scarves several times around their head to make their hijab as big as possible.


Hijab Style For Glasses:

Hijab style with glasses.jpg

Wearing Hijab for those who have to wear glasses can be an issue as wrapping your hijab too tightly around your head can really hurt your ears.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to cover your hair with a hijab tube cap and wrap your scarf loosely around your head to wear your glasses comfortably.


Hijab Style For Jeans:

Hijab style with jeans

Styling hijab with jeans is a little tricky. One way to go for is the turban style with the ends of the scarf hanging loose down one shoulder. 

Usually a scarf in a color contrasting from your top makes a bold fashion statement.


For Occasions

Hijab Style For Eid:


Eid is special for Muslims all over the world and even more so for women as they get to try different outfits for the occasion.

For hijab wearing women they want to absolutely look their perfect selves in the scarf.  

A good way to complete your Eid outfit is to go for a matching hijab and tie it casually around your face to make for an easy breezy look.


Hijab Style For Engagement:


Wearing a Hijab for an engagement is a tad bit different than others as you would like to show off your jewelry as well.

A great way to showcase your fancy necklace is to drape your hijab from near your neckline (as opposed to from your chin) so as to present your neck piece.


Hijab Style For A Wedding Bride:

hijab style for wedding

Every woman's dream day is the day of their wedding. Women want to really slay their look on their big day. Glamorous hijab style takes your wedding look to a whole new level.

Tightly tie your white hijab (make sure its shade matches the wedding dress perfectly) and top it off with an opulent headpiece to complete your royal wedding transformation.


Hijab Style For A Party:

Hijab style for party

Parties can be a good chance to experiment with your Hijab choices.

A great hijab style to sport at a party is the super bumped-up style. Use a hair bumpit to create volume at the top of your head and tie all your hair in a super high updo. Drape your hijab over this hairdo to complete this party-ready look.