Which Hijab Style Is Best For Your Face Shape? Find Out Here

Which Hijab Style Is Best For Your Face Shape? Find Out Here

Hijab is one of the essential attires for Muslim women. Worn differently in different cultures it is the principle of modesty in Islamic culture.

Putting on a hijab and looking good at the same time is a bit tricky to pull off at times. Depending on the occasion and the way you look plays a key role in the hijab type that suits you.

Here we take a look at what hijab style is best suited to your face shape.


1) Hijab For Round Face:

The issue if you have a round face and want to wear a hijab is that your face may end up looking more round than it is drawing attention to it.

A way around is to not tie your scarf too tightly around your face. Wrap your scarf a little loosely and it will make it look just fine without accentuating the roundness of your face.


 2) Hijab For Oval Face:


A loosely draped hijab is the way to go if you have an oval shaped face.

hijab in a flowly material and bright colour could be the perfect combo.


3) Hijab For A Big Face:


Donning hijab if you have a big face is a bit challenging. You need to get it right so that your face doesn't appear to be too big when wrapped up.

Use a cotton scarf and wrap it from slightly behind your ears the first time around.

The second time around, wrap it from near your cheeks and leave the end hanging loose on one side. This will cover your face from the sides and make it look smaller.


4) Hijab For Diamond Face:


A diamond shaped face is a blessing when putting on a hijab. You will need to bring all the attention to the hijab as well as your face.

An unintrusive turban hijab style showcases your diamond shaped face beautifully without covering any part of it.


5) Hijab For Heart Face:

Hijab style for heart face

To be able to showcase your face clearly if you have a heart shaped face you need add volumes around it.

A good way to do so is to tie your hijab with a big scarf wrapped several times around your head.

Pleat one end of your scarf and drape it across to really have your look taken to a new level.


6) Hijab For Long Face:

hijab style for long face

Long faces are always difficult to style in hijab.

The best thing is to keep things easy and simple for yourself. Wrap your hijab once around our head ,take it once around your neck as well to give a clean cut look.


7) Hijab For Square Face:


If your face is too square the way forward is to go for a hijab silhouette that will offset its squareness.

Put on a hijab cap and drape your hijab loosely around your face and across your chest to gently round out the sharp angles of your face to give yourself a classy look.

8) Hijab For Triangular Face:

A triangular-faced shape is great because with it you can put any hijab style and make it work to satisfaction.

One of the best ways to put on a hijab if you have this face shape is to just loosely drape your headscarf without pinning it up to flaunt your sharp jawline.