5 Best Abaya Styles Women Should Wear

5 Best Abaya Styles Women Should Wear

For some women it is the best way to cover their bodies, leaving just their faces, hands, and feet exposed.

Why do Muslim Women Wear Abaya?

The reason for wearing the abaya in Islam is mostly assigned to the following verses from the Holy Quran. These verses are used to justify the donning of the abaya.

"O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters, and the believing women,
to cover themselves with a loose garment. They will, thus,
be recognized and no harm will come to them." (33:59).

Some non-Muslims also wear the abaya as they find it easier to blend in with the locals and they don’t have to worry about what they are wearing underneath.

Today Abayas come in various designs and forms depending upon the region of origin.

Many abayas have a style unique to a certain area while other abayas are of innovative designs lending both comfort and style to the women.

Here are the five Abaya styles you should wear for a stylish and decent look.

1. Moroccan Abaya:

moroccan style abaya

Moroccan abaya is unique to the region with the rich textured garments.

Moroccan styles reflect the best unique art with a layered design. It reflects the uniqueness of the style and people love to buy and wear it because of its exceptionality.

These abayas are known to be luxurious and comfortable.

If you wanted to buy it, you can get it online and have a good experience of wearing it. These dresses are well-decorated with good lace and gold or silver embroidery that looks so elegant.

2. Kaftan:

kaftan style abaya

Another Popular Abaya style is Kaftan.

Kaftan is long and can be styled exactly the way you want.

They are easy to wear and easy to handle. They are suitable for casual wear and parties or weddings too.

People can wear them with the best-designed necklace. Most people wear a kaftan because it is long and comfortable to wear.

3. Butterfly:

butterfly style abaya

Butterfly Abayah has become the most popular for Muslim women to wear.

Women are relaxed and comfortable while wearing butterfly abayas.

The unique design gives an almost princess-like look to the one wearing it. These abayas are best able in silk, chiffon, and other materials.
It is known as the butterfly abayas because of its butterfly-like wings.

There are different designs within butterfly style abaya that you need to try and look great.

4. Batwing:

batwing style abaya

For those women who love wearing floating sleeves then Batwing style Abaya is the way to go.

The sleeves are attached tightly around your arms and they could be expanded as they style the body. No dots are available on the shoulders and sleeves.
The most modern batwing abayah is with better light details on it. It is not heavy and simple to carry.

This is a design that will give you a classy look and is a must-try.

5. Floral:

Floral style abaya

The best style Abayas are made in black or other solid colors.

The flowers are designed in the form of motifs and embroidery on the abayas and look very elegant.

Abayah’s with florals look graceful as it reflects the beauty of the Abayah in a better way.