Islamic Wall Paintings You Should Get

Islamic Wall Paintings You Should Get

Art goes a long way in adding charm and beauty to use your house. If you know the right way to place your art and paintings you could decorate your living space beautifully.

Islam has a rich culture of art which includes wall paintings many of which are carved by calligraphy techniques. There are various types of Islamic art when it comes to paintings like calligraphy and representational art.

Each of these designs look elegant when placed on a wall in the house. They provide an aesthetic touch to the entire décor of your living room.

So if you are decorating your house or simply looking to improve your space here are the best Islamic wall paintings for your household.

Quranic Verses Paintings.


First you have the paintings of Quranic verses. These come in vast forms deriving from the rich glossary of the Holy Quran.

Quite often the 4 Qul-Shareef (Surah Kafiroon, Ikhlaas, Falaq and Na’s) are the selected for a wall painting.

Apart from this Surah Yaseen other texts from Quran are used to depict in wall paintings.

These are pleasing to look at and allow you to create vibe of Islamic culture.

Names Of Allah

Names of Allah

Names of Allah (swt) are often used in wall paintings in many Muslim households. There are 99 names of Allah so you can find a variety of art based on that.

Wall paintings range from large frames which have all 99 names or there are paintings with 2-3 names of Allah such as Ar-Rahman, Al-Maalik, Al-Quddus which look perfect for a wall painting.

There are also paintings which carry a single name of Allah (swt).


Kaaba wall painting

Holy mosques paintings

Three most holiest sites in Islam are the three mosques- Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Masjid-an Nabawi and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

While visiting them is a dream come true for any Muslim, artists all over the world have engraved these holy mosques beautifully in paintings.

Each of these mosques gives a mesmerizing look when the art tries to capture their enormity. It is a must-have for anyone looking to bring elegance to their living space.

Other Holy Verses.

Subhan ALLAH verse painting

ayatul kursi wall painting

Another type of Islamic wall paintings are paintings of holy verses such as Alhamdulliah, SubhanAllah or most commonly used MashaAllah.

All three of these verses can be found in a single frame or separately.Apart from this Ayatul Qursi paintings are also a popular buy.

These paintings are usually preferred as they can fit into small spaces due to the different sizes of frames available with the text not looking congested.

Islam Culture.

Turkey wall painting

If you are an avid history lover and moreso if you are into Islamic history and culture then these wall paintings are for you. These paintings often depict various aspects of Islamic culture as such there is abundance of choice.

These Islamic culture wall paintings can really transform your living room from regular to royalty.

You can put up paintings of cultures from Persia, Iran or Morocco or you can take a step further with decorating your wall with paintings showing cultures of Mughals and Ottomans.

Whatever paintings you pick they are sure to give your space a new look of life.