Different types of Hijab for Muslim Girls

Different types of Hijab for Muslim Girls

If you're wondering how many different types of hijab are available on the market, we're happy to tell you that you've come to the right place. This article will go over exactly that.

We recognize the significance of the hijab in the Muslim community. These lovely pieces of cloth wrapped around the heads of Muslim women to conceal their hair must say a lot.

Wearing a hijab emphasizes a woman's natural beauty by concealing something society considers necessary for women to look beautiful.

We have listed the various types of Hijabs available at our online store in this article.


What is Hijab?

Hijab, also known as a veil or headscarf, is a traditional garment worn primarily by Muslim women when men from outside their family surround them.

It is a cloth that covers the chest and the head and is worn by Muslim women in order to maintain some level of decency.

Hijab is commonly made of linen, cotton, chambray, jersey, and other fabrics, as well as polyester, rayon, and nylon.

Previously, the hijab was simple and black in color; however, modern hijab styles are now available in the market, which adds to the charm of dressing.


Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijabs?

Technically, the term "hijab" means "curtain" or "hiding," and it refers to the Islamic principle of modesty.

It does not imply the headscarf itself. It is only recently that it has come to be associated with wearing a scarf to cover your hair. Women wear the hijab in order to fulfill God's commandment to protect their modesty.


Different Types Of Hijab Styles

Islam is a religion that is practiced in almost every nation on the globe. As a result, women style and wear the hijab in a variety of ways depending on the weather, occasion, facial structure, and the clothes that are commonly worn in that region. So, based on these considerations, let us examine the various hijab styles.

1) Party Wear Hijab:

Want to look stylish for a special occasion? Then a partywear hijab is ideal for you.

These types of hijabs are made of gleaming brocade, silk, or chiffon material. It includes some stone or sequence work to make it more unique.

Party wear hijabs are ideal for a variety of occasions such as Eid, weddings, receptions, and other social gatherings.

2) Iran Hijab:

Iran hijab is simple to wear and gives teens a swanky look. This type of hijab is made of silk material that is rolled over the head and twisted on the shoulders so that one end is left behind and the other is taken on the front, creating an open look. This hijab design is the most relaxed of the others.

3) Formal Hijab:

This hijab design has a two-tone effect. The hijab that covers the head is printed in a light color, while the one that wraps around the neck is plain black.

The hijab is made of cotton silk and is worn with a side-rolling design on one side and small plates on the other. For an official appearance, this type of hijab is also worn for official purposes.

4) Kashmiri Hijab:

Kashmiri woven patterns provide lovely hijabs for women The Kashmiri hijab is mostly made up of chiffon material.

It is embellished with floral designs made with colorful threads that fall on the head. For small parties or special occasions, this type of hijab is popular among women and teens.

5) Casual Hijab:

Casual hijab styles with a traditional touch are still widely worn by women. The hijab is made of black cotton fabric and has crochet borders. Women commonly wear this type of hijab.

Styling with Hijab

The modern woman usually prefers a functional style that is simple and minimalistic.

Unembellished monochrome scarves draped without pins are currently popular. To create this floaty hijab style, simply drape one casually around your head, wrap both ends once around your neck, and let them fall loose down your chest.

Parties are an excellent opportunity to experiment with your appearance and try out styles that are outside of your comfort zone.

The super bumped-up style is a great hijab style to wear to a party.

Make a high updo with your hair by using a hair bumpit to add volume to the top of your head. To complete this trendy party-ready look, drape your hijab over this hairdo.

Final Words:

More than anything else, it is critical to understand the significance of a hijab in the Muslim community. To properly respect one, you must first understand why it is worn. After that, you can move on to learning how to wear the hijab the way you want.

You can also select the different types of hijab for you as per the occasion. Just make sure to select the hijab that best expresses your personality while also keeping you comfortable.

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