Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Hijabis

Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Hijabis

It can be difficult to take good care of your hair as a hijabi. I remember forgetting to do anything with my hair for a while when I initially began wearing a hijab! Because your hair is covered for the majority of the day, it isn't difficult to get lax about hair care upkeep, but some tender loving care will go far in improving your locks. In sha Allah, with these simple hair care instructions for hijabis, your locks will be happy, healthy, and naturally attractive. 

Supplement Your Hair's Nutrition

Hijabis may notice thinning hair following important life events such as having a baby. During pregnancy, the hormones that make your hair rich and attractive begin to fade, and all of that additional hair comes out! If you do experience loss of hair, the best strategy to combat it is to utilize an additional supplement. Taking a biotin/collagen pill will not only encourage new hair development, but it will additionally render the hair on your scalp shining and strong. Muslimlane has the highest quality hijabs to buy online which are made from some of the finest materials.

Tie your hair up carefully.

I can't tell you the amount of hijabis who have complained to me about headaches caused by their hijab. I, too, have these headaches from time to time. The most common cause for such migraines is tying the hair excessively tightly before putting on your hijab. It's not only about headaches. When you bind your hair excessively firmly on a daily basis, you develop traction alopecia. This is a type of hair loss caused by over tightening your hair. Ultimately, I had to abandon the high bun in favor of a softer lower bun. It was quite beneficial. Ladies, please pull your hair up carefully!

Alter Your Hair Part

If you maintain the same hair part for a long time, it will become wider as your scalp and hair are tucked in the identical direction over and over. Because I have a cowlick, my hair naturally tries to part in the same way. However, with a little perseverance, you can modify your role. I achieved this by shifting my part immediately after getting out of the shower and applying a light hair molding paste.

Massage the Scalp

Massaging your scalp stimulates the roots and increases oil production. Because my hair is naturally frizzy, I apply a few droplets of olive oil mixed with the essential oil of rose to the tips of my fingers as I stimulate my scalp, and finally comb it all out. This trick will give you extremely lustrous and healthy hair. It is a good technique to start preparing for bed because it releases any stress in your scalp. 

Brush your hair on a regular basis.

If you really desire great hair, ask yourself, "Do I brush my hair for longer than a minute?" The answer is almost certainly no. I'm not suggesting you brush your hair 100 times such as Marcia Brady, but combing your hair constitutes one of the simplest ways to have healthier hair. Brushing your hair removes dirt and grime. It also increases blood flow to your scalp. Finally, it enables your scalp to produce a sufficient quantity of oil (sebum) that keeps your hair shiny. It also distributes the oil across the hair rather than clogging up the pores at the roots.

Dry your hair with care.

This is a mistake that many of us make. Rather than take the effort of a towel- dry, air dry, or blow dry our hair, we simply yank it into a bun and go. You should not squeeze water out of the hair you have. While you get ready, take an absorbing towel and rub the water out of it before twisting it into a turban. It makes it possible for your hair to air out rapidly. Also, every now and then, take the opportunity to blow-dry your hair to soften the shaft. While heat styling might cause harm to your hair, blow drying it every now and then actually improves texture. Just make sure to utilize a heat styling protectant.

Use a Hair Mask on a Weekly Basis

Why limit #selfcaresunday to sheet masks? Spend some time throughout the week pampering your hair with a weekly mask. I prefer hair masks that are high in moisture-rich ingredients like shea butter. There are also purifying masks for oily hair! One bit of advice: don't use too much because it can trigger scalp outbreaks, and don't leave it on for too long. If you don't keep it on sufficiently long, the mask will not soak into the hair and you will not obtain the desired results.

Make use of a silk pillowcase.

Before you dismiss this as too much trouble, keep in mind that utilizing a silk pillowcase minimizes breakage of your hair and does not rough up the hair's cuticle as much as a standard pillowcase. Hair cuticles are microscopic scales on the shaft of your hair. You have healthier hair as they lie down nicely. Resting on a pillowcase made of silk will result in smoother hair. I strongly advise purchasing a silk pillowcase. It also helps to reduce creases in your skin. I cannot emphasize the importance of the effect of a soft material on your hair to keep it from getting damaged. Check out some of the finest quality hijabs on our online hijab shop at Muslimlane.

Trim your hair on a regular basis.

This may seem paradoxical, but trimming your hair more often will help it grow out. Regular haircuts help to prevent split ends, which weaken and harm your hair. So, even if you're seeking long, lush locks, be sure to schedule regular haircuts!

Accept Your Natural Hair Color and Texture

The less your hair is processed, the healthier it's going to be. If you have naturally dark brown hair and wish to get blond, you will most likely need to process it substantially. If you've got curly hair and continue to relax or blow dry it, it will ultimately become damaged. Accept your hair. Cherish the hair that was given, and it will return the favor.


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