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Why Hijab is more than a Scarf for a Muslim Women?

Why Hijab is more than a Scarf for a Muslim Women?

Hijab is more than a Scarf for a Muslim Women

Why is Hijab more than a Scarf for a Muslim Woman?

Hijab- a piece of cloth that a woman uses to cover her head, seen as a symbol of elegance for Muslim lady, a fashion statement by others, while those with a lewd view of things see it as a sign of oppression.

Today we see scarfs and veils available in different colors and shapes catering to the fashion needs of women around the world.

Hijab is more than a scarf for Muslim women, however. It is a way of protecting one's modesty and following the commandment from Allah.

Critics of Islam argue that women do not wear the veil by choice and are forced to cover their heads. But as is seen many Muslim girls themselves argue that Hijab represents devotion and piety and that the choice is self-made.

For them, it is a way of expressing pride in their religious identity. You may be surprised to know that majority of women with this opinion come from the West.

This shuns the almost nonsensical thought that a Muslim woman is oppressed when she is donning Hijab. When it comes to clothing Muslim women are free to wear any type of modest clothing as long as it is not revealing.

It is to be understood that a Muslim woman wears Hijab for her own contentment and piety and it has nothing to do with being oppressed.

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